Low Fees at Liverpool Hope University in the UK

    Liverpool Hope University offers cost-effective study in the UK

For international students, Liverpool Hope University remains one of the most affordable universities in England.

  • International Students - Undergraduate Tuition Fees - £10,800 per year
  • International Students - between £8,400 and £12,600 per year
  • Additionally, Liverpool Hope University offers an early payment discount of £1,000 - you can reduce your tuition fees even further.

    Special 2014 Packages for International Students

Liverpool Hope University offers a unique payment package that covers accommodation, a food allowance and tuition fees for a full year. These packages make Liverpool Hope excellent value education in the UK.

  • Full year Undergraduate Packages for £13, 200
  • Full year Postgraduate Packages for between £9, 800 - £14, 200
Download our 2014 International Student All-Inclusive fee Packages


Liverpool Hope University is committed to encouraging applications from international students with high academic qualifications who will benefit from study in the UK by offering a generous range of international scholarships. Scholarships are awarded based on merit and can reduce your tuition fees between £1,000 and £5,500.

    Low cost of living

Life in Liverpool is almost 20% cheaper than in London, making it one of the best value cities in the UK. It offers a very affordable cost of living and plenty of opportunities for students to go out, socialise, organise field trips and visit the city. Students are able to live on a budget and manage their money whilst still taking part in activities and meeting new friends. Living in an affordable city really does make a difference to a student experience and for many prospective students, this is a decisive criterion when choosing which university to go to.